GK Collective


The GK Collective is a theatrical research group founded in 2009 by Hungarian director Gabriella Cserhati. Its fundamental line of research is simple : How to reach a spectator in the 21st century?

The company explores varying formats whereby the spectator is the focus of research. It creates performances which are immersive and participative and consideration of the place of the spectator is a priority : " It is with he we play, for he we are there, we accompany him in his participation".


The work of the company emanates from a two-fold observation. Digitalisation has redefined the cartography of presence and of communication, contributing thereby in transforming the relationship to oneself and to the other.

In parallel, the advent of the Anthropocene, the geological era in which the human being has a visible influence on his environment, is accompanied by an individual and collective rise of awareness. His acceptance aided by the invention of new recitals, which are equally new lines of escape.

How to contribute artistically towards these transformations on a personal and societal scale? What can the Theatre undertake in order to stay useful during our era?

The response proposed by The GK Collective is founded in Immersion. The company elaborates theatrical devices whose power resides in the intensity of human relationship. Its objective is to give a new place to Illusion, concurrent of digital intensity and to create another legitimacy for the Theatre within a society overdosed with generators of illusions : the virtual, internet, interactivity and 3D.



Recent projets from GK Collective

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