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COME take part in the first experience of Reality To Order (RTO) instigated by the Ministry of the Future. The 21st November 2019 at 7pm, you are warmly invited to the launch of the program 'The Model Couple 2020'. During six months, an average French couple will live in a modern showcase apartment, committed to wearing for the duration, night and day the new RTO glasses and to test throughout the prodigious experience of a personalised reality. Your anonymity is guaranteed, thanks to a piece of equipment supplied by us, which permits introduction to their reality in an imperceptible way.

Le Couple Témoin is a theatrical remake of the eponymous film by William Klein, first screened in 1977.

What could become the transgression of intimacy in 2050? How far could the boundaries of what we call our private space be limited? What could still offend us in terms of intrusive material?

The spectator is allowed free movement. He may sit within the space at designated places. He is authorised to observe the couple very closely or to distance himself to the maximum. He has agreed to neither touch the couple or let his presence be known. He is invisible to the couple, whilst the scientists see him and guide him throughout the experience. For a given time, the spectator will pass from the group to the individual.


Creation in progress (2020)

With the kind permission of William Klein

With the support of DICREAM

Amount of audience: around 50 people

Duration: 1 hour

Possibility to perform 2 times per day

Team: 1 director, 1 sound designer, 7 actors

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