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You are victim of a heart attack.

Don't worry, you're in good hands.

A new life is possible every day.

Are we every day on the side of life? Can being aware without fear that our lives can stop at any moment help us better to live our present, to live more fully?

It is by responding Yes to this question that the GK decided to offer this gift to their spectators. A moment where confronting the eventuality of their own death, not in their heads, but in their bodies, living an accompanied situation, one can face up to ones' own life, to ones' will to live.

Direction : Gabriella Cserhati

With : Morgane Le Rest, Isabelle Hazaël, Rachel Huet-Bayelle, Arnaud Lesimple, Quentin Pradelle, Julien Prévost

Sound Design : Fabien Lartigue

Set design : Jérémy Streliski

Production & touring : Productions Bis

Partners : Mains d'Oeuvres, Animakt, Fondation E.C.Art Pomaret

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