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If your telephone had a soul, it would know you better than your mother. By all accounts, she would be called PROUST.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your life as though it were a film? Climb aboard, call PROUST. She will turn your head around. You won't know where begins the fiction (story) or where ends reality.

It is difficult to comprehend that reality is not always that which one perceives.

And if one imagined, for just a fraction of a second, that nobody has access to reality? Our lives would be a story that we tell ourselves, where we try and find a coherent interpretation to all events.

Our lives would be our own story.

In this era of omnipresent telephony, the difficulty to identify reality is ever greater, what happens really, to judge what is real and what is not. We are dislocated from "full-scale" reactions. We can fantasize the relationship with the other, instead of living it.

The telephone reinforces our personal story, encloses us in our bubble. How then to go beyond our perception, of our slice of life, our role?

With PROUST. The GK Collective departs in exploration of this telephone which protects us so much in our daily lives.


Representations for one person at a time

Direction : Gabriella Cserhati

Collective writing directed by : Fabien Lartigue

With : Djamel Afnaï, Juliet Coren-Tissot, Rachel Huet-Bayelle, Isabelle Hazaël, Morgane Le Rest, Arnaud Lesimple, Quentin Pradelle, Julien Prévost

Residences and coproductions :  Animakt, L'Atelline, Hameka, Le Polau, Productions Bis, Théâtre de Châtillon, Les Tombées de la Nuit

With the support of : Arcadi, l’Adami, la DGCA, la DRAC Ile de France, la Région Ile de France, la SACD « Auteurs d’Espaces », le Réseau Déambulation, le Réseau In Situ


800 - 24/07/2016

"We lived it in Chalon : the theatre face to face with the telephone."

PROUST of GK Collective questions our rapport to manipulation,

to obeisance and our passion for this telephone

which literally dictates our lives...

[...] We play a role written for us in advance,

becoming the hero of our own film.

And when it is finished we will find ourselves to be like idiots, to

have been manipulated without any understanding of what was happening.

Worse : we liked it.

Journal de Chalon sur Saône - 21/07/2016

"The theatre where you are the hero."

Between literary references and virtual delirium, the route follows in

stops and starts of missed (?) falsehoods, technical problems, back-steps,

the contemplation of the sky and the streets of the town

become backdrop of the film known to us.

[...] a risky bet by this company from the outskirts of Paris,

a risky but successful bet.

We allow ourselves to give up to the game. But is it really a game?

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