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The Risk Free Meeting Agency is a mock start-up created at the end of 2016 with the goal of allowing its clients to minimise the risks in their relationships in order to maximise the success of their meetings.

Today, the consumer wants a greater control over his encounters : less emotion, less spontaneity, and less empathy, which are all risk factors. The chance, the accident, the serendipity can be integrated into the process of encounter but in a controlled way. It is what the Agency proposes : using all the potential of digital technologies, it prepares and guides their clients in how to master their encounters, and then propose 'devices' which are guaranteed risk free.

To this day the Agency has developed 3 products : 3 devices which allow the consumer to meet someone in complete security, in total control, without commitment : the (F)RAVI, a telephone encounter with an unknown person, the DCOD’R, a moderated encounter on a shared google doc and YKIMNAR, a training program by a humanoid robot.

The Risk Free Meeting Agency is a theatrical project by GK Collective.

It adapts itself according to events or the place which welcomes it : the Agency can propose one or several of its products, or conceive new ones.

The Agency was created at the 'Gaite Lyrique' and at the '104' in the framework of Nemo, International Biennial of Digital Arts.

Written and Directed by : Gabriella Cserhati

Accompanied by : Morgane Le Rest

Dramatist : Fabien Lartigue

Agencey Team : Isabelle Hazaël, Rachel Huet-Bayelle, Arnaud Lesimple,

Quentin Pradelle, Julien Prévost, Maxime Coudour, Gabriella Cserhati, Camille Grant, Alexis Nys...


YKIMNAR (You Know I am Not A Robot) is a humanoid robot-coach that will train you to develop safer relationships with the others

Currently available in demo version that allows a meeting of 16 minutes with the robot and the realization of three training exercises.

© photo Quentin Chevrier


The FRAVI (Fausse Rencontre Avec un.e Vrai.e Inconnu.e) is a device that organizes a meeting between two people through a phone call. The Agency provides the dialogue of the meeting as well as the instructions of execution so that this one is guaranteed without risk.

Any further action that you decide to give to this risk-free meeting is no longer ensured by the Agency, it will be under your sole responsibility.


At a distance closer than 6m32 to someone else, our mirror neurons are activated and trigger empathy, which is one of the main risks in the relationship.

With the DECOD'R, you can meet someone without talking to him, keeping a minimum distance of 6m32, through a screen where live will be revealed snatches of life that he will agree to share with you. Both consumers are protected by a fiction filter set up by the Agency.

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