LOIN (Far away)

"LOIN" is a choreographic proposal and perceptual experience for a great depth of field.

In the distance, bodies detach from the landscape. They appear like a mirage, the image is blurry, their gestures vague. They are getting imperceptibly closer and we can distinguish more precise movement, their silhouettes emerge, the landscape is transformed around them. Some of them progress faster than others, retreat, leave. They amalgamate, form a group, supporting each other, then separate becoming again solitary individuals. And their faces take shape, their features sharpen, we hear the sound of their bodies, of their breath, they are very near, they are here.

Heloise Desfarges wants to modify the relationship between time and space. The progression of the dancers is inescapable, but slow down at the approach of the public. When the distance narrows, time expands, space unfolds. She also wants to play on the visual perception of the viewer. He distinguishes movements, sees them reproduced at several stages. Does his perspective evolve as the dancers progress? Does he let his attention float around the dancers, with an impression of the body in negative within the landscape, and then change his attention, suddenly touched by the

relationship between two dancers?

CREATION 2018 - Premieres in Paris on May 19th (Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque / Etoile du Nord)


Choreograph : Héloise Desfarges

Dansers : Anne-Sophie Gabert, Perrine Gontié, Claire Rivera, Sarah Pellerin-Ott, Julie Galopin

Lyrical singing : Caroline Marçot

Production : Ahouai Nansi Tropbien – la Débordante Cie

Residences & Coproductions :  Les Tombées de la Nuit à Rennes, Culture Commune – scène nationale du Bassin Minier, Espace Périphérique à Paris, Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque (2R2C) à Paris, Animakt à Saulx-les-Chartreux, la Lisière à Bruyères le Chatel, l’association Pays’Sage et l’Atelier de la Mine

Avec le soutien de la SPEDIDAM, de la Ville de Paris, de la Région île-de-France.

TOUR 2019

April 27th : Festival Sismoraf, Olot (Spain)

June 28th and 29th : Festival Viva Cité, Sotteville-lès-Rouen (France)

July 7th : Detmold (Germany)

July 19th : Eclats de Rue, Caen (France)

July 20th : Les Faltaisies, Falaise (France)

July 21st : Domaine Départemental de Chamarande (France)

August 3rd and 4th : Stockton International Riverside Festival, Stockton (England)

August 15th : Festival Chemins de Rencontre, Association Pays'sage (France) – OPTION

August 23rd : TRANSFERT, Rezé (France) - OPTION