The Debordante Company

The Debordante company comes from a desire to reveal dancing as a part of life, in each movement, in each step.

Since its creation in 2007, initiated by Héloïse Desfarges, the company focused its work around the question around the performance space and the relationship with the one watching.

Choreographies are inspired by the daily activity, urban flows, questions, answers, testimonials, space, time and weight. Each creation is an attempt to bring bodies together and stimulate thinking through emotions.

After the arrival o Antoine Raimondi in the company in 2011, they start to develop in paralel a political and physical theater,  strongly engaged with the realities and problems of our time.

La débordante continuously goes from the scene to the public space, in order to find new horizons.

Recent pieces of the Debordante Company :

Workshop and conference: