Ce qui m'est dû is a performance of choreographic theater that starts from the intimate and the body to crudely question politics. Héloise Desfarges and Antoine Raimondi talk about dance and play, the story of their own environmental awareness. A non-guilt, poetic and intelligent way to take part in the fight.

Drawing on the thoughts of Naomi Klein, André Gortz, of the Invisible Committee, the artistic activist duo is a political alternative. From the ZAD to the COP, they cross the territories of the debate and collect the speeches heard, from the pharmacist to the president. Words and movements are a rhythmic alchemy that relies on the question of connivance. Héloïse Desfarges' movements describe the distance that everyone can feel in the face of our quest for coherence.

How to live in a world in the midst of an ecological crisis? The dance becomes oral, the verb is incarnated and the spectator identifies. He is invited to conscientious responsibility, lucid creativity.

In the manner of gesticulated conferences, Ce qui m'est dû seeks to reach the laypersons while giving grist to grind and heart to work to seasoned militants.

With : Héloise Desfarges, Antoine Raimondi

Scrip : Héloise Desfarges, Antoine Raimondi, Jérémie Bergerac

Direction : Jérémie Bergerac

With the support of : Curry Vavart (Paris), le Jardin d’Alice (Montreuil); Animakt (Saulx-les-Chartreux)

A performance available indoor and outdoor, and also in a adaptation  in sign language.

NOT YET available in English but te company could be interested to work on an English adaptation