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The death of Santa Claus, the euthanasia of a myth.


Santa Claus is a saint. He is an old man. He is similar to God. He is a try. He is a super-hero. It is an advertising. It is the absolute symbol of our tendency to the excessive consumption.

It is one of the divinities of the Olympe of the collective imagination.


But it is also a dream of childhood packaged, depressing because vulgarly exploited.

Juste like the current world : our world is not depressing because of wars, terrorism, poverty or of the arrogance of the power, but it is it to have made disappear magic, dream, childhood, fable...


Every child, when he discovers that Santa Claus doesn't exist, understands that he is growing, and that then things are not so beautiful and magic than previously. It is one of first disappointments of the life, one of the first myths to collapse, the end of the poetry, the death of the fable... a fondamenal stage to join a society based on nothing.

But, in all this, Santa Claus, how does he feel ?

What does he really think about his work, about his mission? Does he believe in himself ? And what about his controversial relationship with reindeers ? What makes the Santa Claus when it is not Christmas ? Does he feel depressed ? Does he feel happy not to work, and enjoy a peaceful existence on a caribeenne beach?

Certainly that nobody recongnize him without his costume... He lives probably a life as many of the others.

Santa Claus does thus exist...


Santa Claus decides now to commit suicide. We wanted to help him by offering him a beautiful death.

Crew : Iacopo Fulgi, Enzo Palazzoni, Diego Tosi, Werner Waas

With the complicity of Nicola Danesi de Luca


Production : Tony Clifton Circus - 2010

Residences and coproductions: ZTLpro (Italie), AREA06 - Rome (Italie),  Soliera Arti Vive Festival - Modène (Italie), Armunia - Festival Costa degli Etruschi (Italie), Lieux Publics - Marseille (France), Les Ateliers Frappaz -Villeurbanne (France), Le Fourneau - Brest (France)

Residences: Animakt - Saulx-les-Chartreux (France), Le Lieu Noir - Sète (France)

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