What is a Superhero ? What is the collective imagination ?

An unlikely Spiderman,pathetic and defeated, is suspended at tens of centimeters above the ground,wrapped tight, with a roll of cellophane, to a column in the middle of an urban crossroads.


The image has a force at once sublime and terrible,but the real show is in the reaction of the passers-by,encouraged (by a carer who accompanies the Superhero) to take advantage of this incredible oppurtunity to be confronted with the normality of the defeat of the invincible.

The performance unfolds in two parts: a walkabout during which Spiderman promenades in a wheelchair,then a second part during which he is suspended and offered to the stares of the passersby and their cameras...

Production : Tony Clifton Circus / Productions Bis

Performer : Peter Parker and his bodyguard

Duration : approximately 60 minutes

Team : 2 people

Technical requirements : 1 wheelchair,
1 place to hang Spiderman, one or two ladders