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For years we have been making people laugh. To us this has always been the most beautiful thing that we could possibly do...

We entertained ourselves, the people were entertained, and not only, we were paid for it. Eventually, we didn't entertain ourselves anymore. Being a clown had become a profession, a job like any other. It became inevitable to ask ourselves... why do we continue?

Our frustration grew seeing that for the others, the organisers, the public, our colleagues, it all went splendidly. Everything great... the old tricks, the old magic, the old jokes, the same routines repeated thousands of times...

It is as if the public needs to be reassured, cuddled, distracted and prefers to see something already known, something that allows them to shut off their brain and zone out into a passive, dull roll.

In this age... this already exists. It is called television. If a person goes into the street and stops to watch a show or even purchase a ticket, maybe this would grant something more, something perhaps, different.

Furthermore, we believe, it is absurd to ask of a clown assurance. A clown is not a stuffed teddy bear... a clown is crazy, different, free. He is able to give, or rather sell, madness, diversity, and freedom.

This is our aim in Rubbish Rabbit, to be crazy, different, free.

In this anxiety for change, we have found, unconsciously, as exceptional models: children. They are crazy, different, free, at least until they are transformed into stressed out television dependent consumers.

And what do children do if they are left alone: chaos, noise, destruction.

Yes, this.... this is what we desire in our show: to be children... to do everything that comes to the mind without thinking why!!!

For this reason, in Rubbish Rabbit, we break for the most part nearly everything that passes through our hands, we shoot each other, we throw ourselves on the ground, we dance, we fight with our giant stuffed animals....simply because we enjoy it.


To be sure, to see it in action will not be in anyway reassuring...

«It is necessary to walk a lot to discover the original companies. There is some, of course, like the Tony Clifton Circus, the Milanese clowns "off" and "trash" who attack the Italian maternal idolization by taking revenge on Barbie dolls, which they treat in all the sauces -including Nutella-before blowing up them in ........»

Le Monde (Article about the Aurillac Festival, 2008)


"The Clowns of the Tony Clifton Circus offer the dark laugh trough big knocks of led astray comic and free cruelty to Barbie dolls."

L’Impartial (la Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland)

«The Italians of the Tony Clifton Circus set fire, despite the weather report which stays always so wet. By far, the most crazy of the city (and more over), these clowns attack innocent melons and poor kamikaze barbies to illustrate the cycle of the life.»

Le Soir (Chassepierre, Belgique)

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