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Yendi Nammour - Iacopo Fulgi

"One thing is certain: we are profoundly different in our way of being and doing, but that makes us somehow complementary ...

What connects us is the fact that we find inspiration for the artistic creation from the dynamics of our time and our social environment; that we are individuals of our time; that we communicate together in French without our mother tongue. That sometimes for us a studio, a rehearsal space or the stage are the best places to be, hidden from the world, its conflicts and its rules."


Our initial motivation for the research of One little finger was purely the curiosity of meeting us, in a rehearsal studio and through our respective artistic languages. This very open framework, quickly took us to the following questions: what are we doing here together in this space?


This question refers here to our work in a studio and on stage but it is transposable on our life, our existence ... It constantly animates us and becomes the intrinsic motor of our movements and actions.

Here we have defined it as essence nourishing the bottom of the different scenes and emerging subjects. We accept doubt, and probably do not find a definite answer.

This piece is especially an invitation to the public to share this question with us, to participate in a common time that may not give an answer but that wants to be that a common time.

Under progress...

"He likes travelling to Bangkok.

She likes the idea of letting go.

He likes to see people breathing.

She likes to feel safe.

He doesn't like feeling heavy.

She likes to find something."

Performers :

Yendi Nammour (Autriche/Marseille)

Iacopo Fulgi (Italie/Marseille)

PARTNERS (under progress )

Officina Marseille

Klap – Maison pour la Danse Marseille

Dans les Parages – la Zouze – Cie Christophe Haleb

Pôle 164 - Marseille

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