Let us leave the idea that you are not a public and this is not show.


This is an experience or another an experiment, you will be there at the same time the actors, the guinea pigs, and especially the unique and happy beneficiaries.

In MISSION ROOSEVELT we want to cross the urban space, to make a route and to leave a sign, a track colored on the ground. We want to share with you the pleasure of the prohibition, the pleasure to use a taboo object, an object used for the first time, which could justify him only the whole.


The wheelchair is the instrument and the tool of MISSION ROOSEVELT, the symbol of all which does not concern us, but which today belongs to us. It is about a metaphor of the disparity through which to conquer the city.


An experience of town planning, a performance appealing to the participation of the public which, installed on wheelchairs, is transformed a kind of firing squad, in one merry war machine.

The MISSION ROOSEVELT is an invasion of the city.


Ambulatory Intervention for 20 accomplices and a city as a spectator

A project of the Tony Clifton Circus

With Diane Bonnot and Iacopo Fulgi


Technical direction : Valerio Maggi

Production manager : Alexis Nys


Production : Tony Clifton Circus

With the coproduction of Lieux Publics – Centre National de Création (Marseille)

With the support of SACD / Auteurs d’espace public, La Paperie – Centre National des Arts de la Rue d’Angers, L’Atelline – Lieu de Fabrique Arts de la Rue Languedoc-Roussillon


Axis Festival, Assen, Holland / Beirut Street Festival, Beirut, Lebanon / Contemporanea Festival, Prato, Italy / Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque & Ville de Paris, France /Festival Approdi, Cagliari, Italy / Festival Cratères Surface, Alès, France / Festival D-CAF, Cairo, Egypt /  Festival MiramirO, Gent, Belgium / Festival Passage, Helsingor, Denmark /  Festival Viva Cité, Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France / les Expressifs, Poitiers, France / Le Mans fait son Cirque, le Mans, France / Lieux Publics & Ville d'Aubagne, France / Rencontres Ville&Handicap, avec le soutien d’ARTO, Toulouse, France / Seoul Street Art Festival, Seoul, South Korea / Short Theatre, Roma, Italy /  Teatri Oda, Pristina, Kosovo / Terni Festival, Terni, Italy / Teatro delle Briciole, Parma, Italy / Ville de Pantin & SACD – Auteurs d’Espaces, Pantin, France / ...