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 What is traditionally called the Comfort Zone , it is this set of activities, habits or behaviors that you are familiar with and from which you dare to detach yourself for fear of external judgments or failure. Obviously, the comfort zone limits you in your propensity to make new experiences and gives you an obtuse view of the world around you.

To leave this famous zone of comfort is to give oneself the means to no longer fear the unknown, to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and, of course, to get closer to personal happiness.

With Canape Comfort Club, we want to  try a new modality of artistic proposal, a new kind of action in the urban space, with the esire to regain an anarchist spirit and to free oneself from the classifications of a definition. We also want to trust people, to make them free, and to be able to act to live the public space and time in an autonomous and shared way, even the time and space of the festival and the public cultural action .

ACTION : a sofa is left in the street. This device becomes a mobile comfort zone in the urban space.

This sofa is transformed so that it is possible to move around the city and it contains a GPS beacon, by means of which it can be located at any time.

At the same time, we open a profile on a social network to publish and share the adventure with the sofa, and we generate a dedicated hashtag (#). It could even be possible to create a dedicated application.The rules of the game are also inscribed on the sofa. The virtual space and the reality will be strongly linked together.

This will be a game, a format open to everyone, a project based on the word "sharing" in a broad sense: sharing the rules of the game, sharing the sofa, sharing the photo / social media etc ...

Shared ownership concept: participating in the game also means legitimizing shared ownership, the common good.


Want to offer the opportunity to see the thing from another point of view, to put yourself in comfortable position and play.

Urban and digital participative action 

A project imaginated by Iacopo Fulgi.

Under progress - first try out in 2018

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