The local and site specific TV of the Tony Clifton Circus !

Cagnara TV is an experiment in the use of television as means of show communication, where the content is the festival sceptically considered as an object. In Italy, there is nothing as real as television and nothing as false as a live show. Where “false” stands for “independent of reality” and “real” for “dependent on reality”... the meaning of this, is up to you to decide.


The content of the show is determined by the elements of the festival or the city T.C.C. is performing for: shows, artists, audience, debates, public and private meetings, location and festival staff. At the same time, it will all be commentated, distorted and rewritten by T.C.C with a fast pace, a cynical disenchantment and spectacular enjoyment as to draw the attention of an heterogeneous audience, stranger to theatre but eager for something new and unusual.


Cagnara TV lends itself to - and prostrates before –countless ways of fruition: screen, video, television.It is, at the same time, a live artistic action, a video performance independent of the object of its study and an account of the festival/event, useful for any present or future use.

A size-specific projet by the Tony Clifton Circus

French and English version with Iacopo Fulgi et Diane Bonnot
Video : Valerio Maggi

Coproductions : Sur le Pont, CNAREP à la Rochelle, Atelier 231, CNAREP à Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Productions Bis