GALMAE (Juhyung Lee)

Born in 1991, South Korea


Juhyung Lee discovers street arts and outdoor performances during his civil service in Seoul, participating to the performance of Générik Vapeur (Bivouac in 2012, Tour in Korea in 2013). After the creation of an artistic tuk-tuk service that was telling stories about his natal neighborhood, he leaves Korea for France to train and learn with the company Generik Vapeur.

Discovering the great spectacular performances, Juhyung Lee is struck by the ability of the street arts to transfigure symbolic places to reinvest them in an emancipatory joy like Ganghwamun Square, the epicenter of political and social events in Seoul. He is therefore interested in the concepts underlying large-scale shows: the address to a multitude of spectators, the scale of relationships in the city, the place of the individual within a group. Seized by the galvanizing dynamic created by the wandering and interdependent relationships that preside, he wants to "reveal a presence to many" to question "a sensitive crowd".

The political dimension of his work is in the way he involves the public, solicited to accomplish simple actions: share a cake, unravel a giant skein ... Its spectacular and surprising devices, impulse a participatory action at the same time they reveal its symbolic significance. The resolution of the puzzle proposed to this collective body in motion requires the necessary consideration of the other, "a universal problem, vital, everyday, which goes beyond the artistic framework. Juhyung Lee likes to invite the absurd in crazy situations, and to handle a poetic language playing on misunderstandings, assonances or false friends. His eclecticism brings him to take an interest in a wide spectrum of street arts, by getting closer to artists who experience the sharing of sensibility through various means: the fury of Générik Vapeur, the participative projects of the choreographers Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, the teasing and transgressive emancipation of X / tnt.

C'est pas là, c'est par là 

(It's not here, it's over here)


How does the crowd move? Does one move differently when alone, from when being amongst a crowd? What determines the « We »? What is an individual within a group? At the departure, there is a stone. With the stone, there is a string. It is rolled up, tangled and we untangle it. We move about, avoiding collision, negotiating our way we find our place. There is something which surpasses the sum of individuals. At the end of the string, does one find the « We » ? Inspired by his own sensations during a demonstration in Seoul in 2015, Galmae proposes a sensitive experience of the collectivity.

Involving performance with a string installation

45 minutes

Realisation and direction Juhyung Lee (Graduate of the FAI-AR in Marseille) Lighting Olivier Brun

Composition Charles-Henri Despeignes

Executive Producer Generik Vapeur

Coproduction Le Citron Jaune, L’Abattoir With the support of SACD –Auteurs d’espaces Resident hosts La Passerelle, National theatre of ‘Alpes du Sud’ – Gap