No stage, no numbered seats, no lights that dims. Just an ordinary room with office chairs on wheels.

An unusual dance performance in which nothing is fixed. Everything balances. But one thing is certain : you will experience it all first hand! In Baancing Bodies Woest takes people to an unpredictible sapce. When everyone gradually loses their grip, the border between spectator and performer slowly fades; Any unexpected movement becomes part of the choregraphy.

Director: Manon Avermaete

Performance: Carli Gellings, Wannes de Porre, Evelyne Rossie, Sarah Vingerhoets

Soundscape: Steven Holsbeeks

Scenography : Indianen

Dramaturgy : Gerhard Verfaillie

Coproduction : P2

Realised with the support from: Dansmakers, Tweetakt Festival, Krokusfestival, Monty, De Brakke Gronde