Lucky Shots - when upright goes wrong.

In Lucky Shots, Woest wanted to break the law of gravity. Call it naive, rebellious, or just plain ridiculous, but they wanted to see if they could sneak behind gravity's back. No such luck. Gravity always wins. But on the bright side, through falling and failing over and over, something else arose. The falls became the core of the work - playing with extremes of scale, tempo and timing, so that teamwork becomes vital for staying upright.


Direction: Manon Avermaete 

Cast: Jessica van Cauteren, Melanie Weijters, Paulien Truijen / Noemie Wagner, Elysia Mc Mullen, Anna Zurkirchen / Carli Gellings ·

Music: Steven Holsbeeks

Production:  Paulien Truijen ·

Photography: Jeroen Trispel, Cees Wouda, Herman Rensenbrink, Johannes Ode, Simple Studio ·

Special thanks to: Noemi Wagner, Sarah Vingerhoets · 


Realised with the support from: Performing Arts Fund NL, Dansmakers (NL), Festival Spoffin (NL), Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof Neerpelt (BE), Festival MiramirO (BE), Festival Deventer op Stelten (NL), Le Hangar, Amiens (FR)

© Jeroen Trispel