A performance balancing on the edge of theater and dance, humor and tragedy.

Equipped with a music box in your hands, you'll go on a journey from an apparently normal situation all the way to an absurd one. You'll change from spectator to witness to accomplice. Be careful not to get yourself in trouble!

“Leaving Normal. Hilarious, tragically dance theater, which is finger licking good”. Michaela de Groot - reporter of Tweetakt Festival (NL)

"The greatness, brutality, absurdity and quality which Woest plays their shows, is very well present in their newest piece 'Leaving Normal'. The performers dance and move not only good, but also their acting skills are high quality. The performance is for a small audience, yes, but it makes it even more special.” Anjo De Bont – Deventer op Stelten (NL) 

Director: Manon Avermaete

Performance: Manon Avermaete, Paulien Truijen, Wannes de Porre, Toon van Gramberen, Hanna Mampuys, Lorenzo Capodieci, Melanie Weijters, Piet van Dijcke, Kim Jomi Fisher, Marta Alstadsæter a.o.

Production : Paulien Truijen

Music: Steven Holsbeeks  - Design music boxes: Indianen • 

Production / video edits: Paulien Truijen

Photography: Joris Hol, Amaury Avermaete, Jeroen Trispel, Mark Frissen, Sake Elzinga, Gert Daemen

Special thanks to: Michael Wälti, Paul Truijen, Joep Kessels 


Realised with the support from: AFK - Amsterdam Fonds voor Kunst & Dans Makers Amsterdam