VAGUE or the Cevennes Attempt

The epicentre of this performance is the meeting between the spectators and a group of « outsiders » with singular behaviour. Using the wander lines as inspiration, we will trace and weave a series of actions based on daily life, using humour, idiocy, incoherence and hallucinatory images. The performers will progress from individual

actions to a common ground.

We want to incorporate some of Deligny’s texts. One of the main objectives of our rehearsal time is to investigate how to do this. We imagine three possibilities: recorded voices, a visual lexicon and/or the spoken word.

We have chosen Fernand Deligny’s life and work as inspiration as we believe his work finds an echo in contemporary society. He evokes the chasms between different parts of society, the limits of productivity, the benefits of creating parallel networks as a response to intolerable situations, and the perversity of language. His experience with autistic children has informed contemporary psychiatry and philosophy. His utopian project - to envisage a different life system, based on

community and complicity – lasted over twenty years.

Our work is a hommage to Deligny, and an attempt to understand more profoundly his point of view. He invites us to rethink the way we engage with the world and others.

Production : Compagnie 1Watt 2017

Théâtre Performatif / Durée : 60 min

Performers : Marta Izquierdo, Alexandre Thery, Mathias Forge, Pierre Pilatte

Director : Sophie Borthwick

With the complicity of Stéphane Bonnard
Freely inspired from the writings of Fernand Deligny

Residences and coproductions : Pronomades, CNAREP en Haute-Garonne, l'Atelier 231, CNAREP à Sotteville-lès-Rouen, l'Usine, CNAREP à Tournefeuille, Ateliers Frappaz, CNAREP à Villeurbanne, le Citron Jaune, CNAREP à Port Saint Louis du Rhône, la Communauté de communes du Piémont Cévenol, le 3bisF à Aix-en-Provence, Animakt à Saulx-les-Chartreux, la Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque – 2R2C et la ville de Paris.

With the support of : l'association Beaumarchais – SACD, la DGCA, la DRAC Occitanie, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM