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Once a week he goes out of his house and his mind. Somewhere. In a square.

He walks, moves, floats, shouts and finally dares to do something.

He lets go of himself, drops his burdens.

He runs away from his organised composure, and affronts his permanent anxiety.

He feels inspired

« Let our watchword be lente, lente, and circumspection, with deviations to the right and left, and sudden reversals of course »

Mercier and Camier, Samuel Beckett

"The blue clown takes us in his arms, steals our secret milimetres and escapes like a piece of elastic, leaving us hanging by our braces in a haze of rare gases. We are still laughing 23 minutes later. We are alive."

Extract from Parrots and Baubles by Jean Cagnard in Vu(es) d’Aurillac, Ed. Quelque part sur terre / festival d’Aurillac


Wih Pierre Pilatte

Direction : Sophie  Borthwick

Physical theater, burlesque and poetic 

2 x 30 min or 1 x 50 min per day

crédit Sileks

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